Charles B. Gillett
improvisor, guitarist

Improvising guitarist in many ad hoc groups. Frequent collaborations with Milo Fine, Jaron Childs, and Davu Seru.

Bass and guitar in Take Acre. Multi-instrumentalist in Brown Rainbow and Tall Walls.

Guitarist in Tuning The Pulse, a short documentary about Jandek's 2012 performance in Mankato, MN.

Upcoming concerts:
07/22/2018 w/ Milo Fine (drums, piano)/Bryce Beverlin II (percussion, voice)/Sam Wildenauer (bass) at Studio Toile d'Angles. 7:00pm, $5.
08/04/2018 Squealfest w/ Milo Fine (clarinets) at Studio Toile d'Angles. 7:00pm, $5.

Senilita with Milo Fine, Viv Corringham and Davu Seru (Emanem 4132 2006)
Contiguous Chunks with The Milo Fine Free Jazz Ensemble (Shih Shih Wu Ai SSWA 11 2007)
Believers (soundtrack) with Take Acre (self-released CD-R 2009/Bandcamp)
The Untenability of Sentience with The Milo Fine Free Jazz Ensemble (Shih Shih Wu Ai SSWA 12 2009)
A = B. A is B. A represents B (do what I do, do what I say). Solo (insides music lesson 65 2009)
Take Acre self-titled LP (Late-Nature 018 2010)
The Material Solo guitar & collaboration with Mike Hallenbeck (insides music lesson 81 2011)
Cut From A Cloud with Take Acre (Late-Nature 019 2013)
"Spiegel im Spiegel" with Take Acre (Late-Nature 020 2013)
The Edgar Allan Poe Suite with reformARTwest (Sporadic Tangible Documents STD 2-4 2016)
For Sepp (Selections From The Edgar Allan Poe Suite) with reformARTwest (Nero's Neptune NN032 2016)
Apophenia with Milo Fine, et al. (Atrocious Gnosis ATRGNO#5 2018)
175 albums with Brown Rainbow and Tall Walls (2002-2018)

6/5/2001 at Gus Lucky's My first public performance, with Jon Haynes (cornet & alto saxophone), Lucy Langlas (cello), Andrew Lafkas (bass), and Davu Seru (percussion).
2003 at Metro State University I think it's from 2003. Maybe 2002? I'm not even sure it was at Metro State. A duet with Andrew Lafkas (bass).
11/29/2005 at Acadia The old Acadia, at Franklin and Nicollet. With Jaron Childs (alto saxophone) and Davu Seru (drums).
5/17/2008 at Heliotrope V With Jaron Childs (alto saxophone) and Davu Seru (drums).
4/12/2009 at Big V's Hint: People don't go to shows on Easter Sunday. And if they happen to be in the bar, they don't want to hear this. Duet with Jesse Petersen (guitar).
5/16/2009 at Art of This With Jaron Childs (alto saxophone) and Davu Seru (percussion).
6/18/2009 at Rogue Buddha Second meeting of this trio with Mike Hallenbeck (laptop) and Tim Glenn (drums).
10/27/2009 at Art of This Duet with Stefan Kac (tuba).
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